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A). Rust-Block™ will inhibit rust from forming on most metal for six months. Variables include smoothness of the metal, temperature and humidity.

A). Yes, Rust-Block™ will work with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It has been tested on copper and brass and works very well with these metals.

A). No, Rust-Block™ will not damage any polymers, plastics, or coatings, and can even be used on painted surfaces without damaging most paints.

A). Yes, Rust-Block™ is a water-based rust inhibitor designed for indoor use. If Rust-Block™ is exposed to water, the water will weaken and/or remove the protective coating. Therefore, items treated with Rust-Block™ must be kept away from direct contact with water.

A). Yes, most coatings bond with the metal. Therefore, Rust-Block™ should be removed before any otehr coatings are applied. We recommend that the Rust-Block™ be rinsed off with water and the parts dried prior to another coating.