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A). EVAPO-RUST® works through selective chelation. This is a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Most chelating agents bind many different metals. The active ingredient in EVAPO-RUST® bonds to iron exclusively. It can remove iron from iron oxide but is too weak to remove iron from steel where the iron is held much more strongly. Once the chelating agent has removed the iron, a sulfur bearing organic molecule pulls the iron away from the chelator and forms a ferric sulfate complex which remains water soluble. This frees the chelating agent to remove more iron from rust.

A). Yes Evapo-Rust®, Rust Remover and Aluminate are approved for code C23 and Termocure® Cooling System Flush is approved for code C62.

A). Evapo-Rust® Concentrate is exactly the same product as Ready-To-Use Evapo-Rust® when mixed 5:1 with water. When mixed to Ready-To-Use product, Evapo-Rust® Concentrate can be used over and over just like pre-mixed Evapo-Rust®. It is recommended that the full bottle of Evapo-Rust® Concentrate be mixed by following the instructions on the bottle when adding water.

A). If Evapo-Rust® has not been used, shelf life is extensive and it can remain bottled. As Evapo-Rust® is a biodegradable product it will compost if starved of oxygen once used. Once used, Evapo-Rust® is best stored in a plastic container with a lid that does not contain a seal. Utilizing a lid will limit evaporation and extend the life of your product. Partial quantities of Ready-To-Use Evapo-Rust® can be removed from the original bottle at any given time but MUST NOT be returned to the bottle once used. Doing so will degrade the unused product and eventually ruin it completely.

A). Evapo-Rust® is extremely safe on skin and all materials except RUST. It is also bio-degradable and earth friendly. Evapo-Rust®; is water soluble and pH neutral, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flamable and contains no acids, bases, or solvents. The only material found to be effected by Evapo-Rust® long term is magnesium.

A). No. EVAPO-RUST® does contain detergents that will penetrate oils and dirt. However, surface contaminants do slow the process. The soils must be penetrated before EVAPO-RUST® can come into contact with the rust underneath. Soil residue will also shorten the life of EVAPO-RUST®. Heavy greases and cosmoline should be removed prior to de-rusting.

A). Yes, in about 30 minutes. Anodizing will not be removed. Powder coating and paints that do not contain oxides will not be removed.

A). No, it will not clean (or damage) any of these metals. It will not harm rubber, plastic, clothing or glass either.

A). A kitchen paper towel can be soaked with Evapo-Rust® and applied to the rusted area. After this is done, cover with plastic to prevent evaporation. When item is de-rusted rinse with water. A continuous recirculatory spray application can also be utilised successfully to remove rust on large items that are difficult to immerse.

A). High carbon steel and tool alloy steel items will have a darker appearance when de-rusted. The dark film is carbon and can be easily wiped off with a cloth. Water-blasting larger items after removal from Evapo-Rust® can also reduce the black film considerably.

A). No, Evapo-Rust® only works in the liquid form. When sprayed on a surface, the water in the solution will evaporate before de-rusting can be completed. However a continuous recirculatory spray application can be utilised successfully to remove rust on large items that are difficult to immerse.

A). Evapo-Rust® has an indefinite shelf life if kept in the container and has not been used.

A). When Evapo-Rust® is spent, only the iron content of the solution will dictate how it can be disposed of. When completely spent Evapo-Rust® is chelated iron and when diluted 10:1 with water can be used as fertilizer. In most cases spent Evapo-Rust® is sewerable.

A). The bath will turn completely black and will not remove rust. At this point the Evapo-Rust® solution is completely saturated with iron.

A). Evapo-Rust® can be used over and over until it absolutely stops working. Only water may be lost to evaporation. If any of the bath evaporates, simply replace it with fresh tap water. Evapo-Rust® has a tremendous work load, 20 litres can remove 1 kilo of pure dry rust. Rust is about 1/17 the weight of iron by volume, which means its workload is substantial. On average 20 litres will de-rust up to 1/2 tonne of light to moderately rusted steel. As the iron is removed from the iron oxide, carbon from the rust is released. Some parts may have a black film after using Evapo-Rust™, the black is carbon from the steel. Generally high carbon steel is used in making items that are flexible (eg. Springs, saw blades, etc). High carbon steel and tool alloy steel items, when de-rusted, will have a darker appearance. The carbon can be removed simply by wiping with a cloth when rinsing with water. Eventually, the bath will turn completely black and will not perform. The more you de-rust, the darker the solution becomes. Evapo-Rust® is spent when it is pitch black and no longer performs.

A). In terms of a degradation curve, Evapo-Rust® has a specific gravity of 1.042 when the solution is fresh. After repeated uses, the solution will darken and start to lose its effectiveness. Once the solution reaches a specific gravity of 1.08, the solution will no longer be effective and should be replaced.

A). No further treatment is required once the rust has been removed with Evapo-Rust®. In some cases, residual rust may still be embedded in the metal (pits, crevices) after the initial soaking. In this case, rinse the metal with water and re-soak in Evapo-Rust®. All residual rust will be removed from these hard to reach places. It is important to always rinse the metal after a treatment with Evapo-Rust®. Tiny molecules of iron will still be embedded in the Evapo-Rust® solution, and these molecules must be rinsed off with water or they will activate the re-formation of rust on the metal object.

A). The water content in Evapo-Rust® is the only thing that will evaporate. If the water content is replaced to bring the content back to the capacity of the original container purchased, Evapo-Rust® will be revitalized. It is suggested that when using Evapo-Rust®, mark the top of fluid level in container before use and maintain this level by continual top up with fresh water to circumvent evaporation.

A). Yes Evapo-Rust® is non-hazardous and can be shipped by regular courier freight services.

A). Yes Evapo-Rust® does.