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"FAQ's - Automotive Cooling System De-Rusting Agent"


Q). Does Cooling System Flush come as a concentrate?
A).  No, Cooling System Flush comes ready to use so no mixing is required.
Q).  Does it matter if I cannot drain my Cooling System completely before filling with Cooling System flush?
A).  No, a small amount of residual water in the Cooling System will not have any bearing on the effectiveness of Cooling System Flush.
Q).  Can I use Cooling System Flush if I have an Aluminium Radiator?
A).  Yes, Cooling System Flush will clean the entire cooling system with no adverse effects on Aluminium, Brass, Rubber, Plastic or Synthetic products used in sealing your Cooling System.
Q).  Do I have to fill my Cooling System completely with Cooling System Flush?
C A) Yes, by filling your Cooling System completely you will eliminate air pockets that can restrict cleaning of these areas.
Q).  Can I use Cooling System Flush more than once?
A).  Yes, Cooling System Flush will keep working until completely saturated with Iron.  Depending on how severely the Cooling System has been corrupted, Cooling System Flush should be able to service several vehicles with the same product.
Q).  How long should I leave Cooling System Flush in my Cooling System?
A).  We recommend 8-10 hours of normal use if possible. If the vehicle cannot be driven, run engine intermittently over several days to circulate Cooling System Flush through the entire system.
Q).  What do I do when my engine is back to running at normal temperatures.
A).  Drain Cooling System Flush from your Cooling System and flush with fresh water. Refill your Cooling System with water and high quality coolant to the Manufacturers specifications.
Q).  Should I service my Cooling System in Winter or Summer?
A).  As Cooling Systems are under a lot more strain during summer, it is recommended your Cooling System be serviced before extreme summer temperatures are experienced. Cooling System Flush should not be used in sub-zero temperatures.






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