Evapo-Rust - Australia  - Ph: 1-800-014685 - Email: info@evapo-rust.com.au


U.S. Procurements Ltd

General Sales Enquiries:

Mick Evans - Mobile: 0448182227 (All Australia Enquiries)
Email: mick@evapo-rust.com.au

Brian Harding - Hitec CNC (South Australia Enquiries)
Mobile: 0418833274
Email: hiteccnc@ozemail.com.au

Glen Huxtable - 1-800-014685  or +6421420120
Email: info@evapo-rust.com.au

Commerical / Industrial Enquiries and Information
New Account and Administration
Phone: 1-800-014685

Email: info@evapo-rust.com.au

Evapo-Rust - Head Office
U.S. Procurements Ltd
Australia and New Zealand

Phone: 1-800-014685 or NZ +64 9 424 1792
Mobile: NZ +64 21 420 120

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