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Aluminate Header

Examples of Aluminate being used.

Fan Spacer Before and After being cleaned with Aluminate

Oxidised Aluminium Fan Spacer before and after being
soaked for 15 mintues at room temperature.

Piston before and after being cleaned with Aluminate

Piston before and after being soaking in
heated Aluminate for 10 minutes.

Carbuetor before and after being used with Aluminate

52 year old chevy carburetor, was in worse for wear condition.

After soaking in 60°C Aluminate for 5 mins. This carburetor was lightly scrubbed with an old toothbrush, rinsed and then soaked in Evapo-Rust to clean linkages.


This carburetor was in the same condition as the one in the above left picture.  The same process was carried out as detailed above with outstanding results.  All gaskets and seals were left in perfect condition, and carbuetor is now ready for re-use.

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