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Non-Acidic Aluminium De-oxidizer and Cleaner

Aluminate is purchased ready to use and can be used hot or cold. Cleaning times can be accellerated by increasing the temperature of Aluminate to between 48°C to 60°C.

Aluminate is a liquid compound designed for removing Aluminium Oxide and brightening Aluminium in recirculating washers, vibratory polishing units or dip tanks.

The Aluminate product is perfect for use in electro-pulse/ultrasonic tanks as a direct replacement for acid type products. Like Evapo-Rust© this product is biodegradable and extremely user friendly.

Used in a dip tank situation and within the temperature parameters above, items should be cleaned within 5 to 15 minutes.

After cleaning, remove parts and rinse with water.

Light scrubbing can improve results with short soak times.

Aluminate Bottle

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