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FAQ's  -  Non-Acidic Aluminium De-oxidizer and Cleaner "
Q).  Does Aluminate need to be heated before use?
A).  No, Aluminate will work perfectly cold, but may take slightly longer to remove stubborn oxides.
Q).  Is Aluminate as safe as Evapo-Rust™ rust remover?
A).  Yes, all Evapo-Rust™ products are super safe. Aluminate can be used without any fear of spills or contact with skin.
Q).  Will Aluminate remove grease and oil?
A).  Yes, Aluminate will remove grease, oil and most other debris that has built up on dirty parts. It is however recommended that any dirt be removed before immersing your item in Aluminate as it will severely shorten the life of your product if used as a degreaser.
Q).  Will Aluminate make my part shiny?
A).  No, Aluminate removes oxides, not metal. If your part was polished before immersing in Aluminate, it will then come out with that same polished appearance. If your item has a bare matt finish, this will be how it looks once cleaned.
Q).  Can I simply spray or paint Aluminate onto an oxidized part?
A).  No, Parts must be immersed in Aluminate for satisfactory results.
Q).  Can Aluminate be used in Ultrasonic cleaners?
A).  Yes, Aluminate is perfect for use in Ultrasonic Cleaners and will result in shorter cleaning times when utilizing this type of parts cleaning apparatus.  
Q).  Can I use my Aluminate solution more than once?
A).  Yes, Aluminate can be used over and over until the performance drops off entirely. Aluminate has an immense working capacity, so will clean an amazing quantity of parts before expiring.



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